Fulfillment—essential for the connection to our work, those we create with, and those we create for—can be attained in many ways:

By making meaningful work. Through a strong connection to our identified values. Via always being students of our craft, making ourselves open and available to evolve.

Design is ‘connection.’ Design is a profession. It’s an interaction, a chair, a community center, and a strategic means of building a team. Amongst all its associations and permutations, design is where we can continue to be challenged, evolve, thrive, and make meaningful work.

Leveraging the power of storytelling, this book covers practical, real-world examples and tactics to ensure your fulfillment serves as a guide toward where, what, and why you create.

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Our Imperatives

It’s a gift to be challenged on our assumptions as it tears down self- imposed barriers, yielding greater connection. We get there by being perpetual students of our craft, always open to learning and evolving.


Our Values

An introspective look at the scenarios in your life that have yielded the most fulfillment will provide a direct window into your most cherished values.


Humility: An Essential Value

Ego cannot exist in any environment where there are experiences to craft, design goals to be achieved, and human beings to engage.


Of Culture and Craft

A healthy culture is designed to be that way. It strives to connect us to one another—and to our collaborative work—agnostic of a remote or in-person seat.


In Leadership

All that said, coasting is not an option for us. Not as a team member, not as an independent contributor, and beyond a doubt, not in a leadership position.


Justin Dauer

Justin is an internationally renown design leader, author, and speaker from Chicago.

He speaks on culture and design, including keynotes at the UXPA International conference, Midwest UX, and St. Louis Design Week. Justin is also the writer of the celebrated book “Creative Culture,” a former VP of Design at bswift (a CVS Health company), and the founder of design leadership consultancy Anomali by Design.